Elizabeth lives in a 1930’s duplex in Oakland, CA. She went to art school on the East Coast for two years before transferring to a liberal arts school in California and getting her BA in English with a creative writing emphasis. After working in communications for a while, she decided to go back to school for a year to study interior design and interior architecture.

Elizabeth started writing A Browner Brown in January of 2007. The site covers a variety of things, including home décor, art, the never-ending decorating job happening at Elizabeth’s house, paint colors, flea-marketing, stationary, artists, books, and many other topics. Someone once said the subtitle of this blog could be “things Elizabeth likes.” This is generally true, although to be complete it would have to be “things Elizabeth likes and thinks that you will probably like too.”

Elizabeth loves
original built ins
home grown tomatoes
neon pink & metallic gold
Abraham Lincoln

Elizabeth doesn’t love
cement front yards
grocery store roses
uncomfortable sofas
scary movies

If you are an artist or designer who would like to share your work please send Elizabeth an e-mail at abrownerbrown [at] gmail [dot] com

In September of 2007 Elizabeth began working for Apartment Therapy as part of the AT:SF editorial team, and posted there Monday-Friday for over a year.  She currently works in the music industry, although she continues to take on freelance decorating and color consulting clients.

Elizabeth has been accepting interior decorating clients since late 2007. Please send an e-mail to abrownerbrown [at] gmail [dot] com for more information, rates and availability.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your pink colours.
    I want more colour in my small home and I am timid about using colour.
    However I just painted my living room a pale green so now what can I use to paint my hallway to complement my living room?

    Next is the kitchen?


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