shower curtains

One of my next projects in our house is to give the bathroom a mini-facelift – a new storage solution, possibly a new paint job (again!,) and replace our shower curtain with a non-PVC one. Right now we’re leaning towards this:

um, yeah, as seen on HGTV apparently. I like the simple white-on-white pattern, and while I really want this:

it’s a little too girly for T, which I get (I guess.) Anyways, while researching options for our house, I put together a list of Best Non Vinyl Shower Curtains over at AT:SF. So if you’re in the market for a non-toxic shower curtain, go check it out. (oh, and our old shower curtain, which has gotten super scummy in the last two years anyways, will be turned into a drop cloth. Waste not, want not.)

bathroom lust

I am obsessed with Anna of Door Sixteen‘s new bathroom – it’s not finished yet but already is my dream bathroom – simple, timeless and classic. I’m especially into the carrera marble hexagon floor tiles (hexagon floor tiles are my all time favorite bathroom flooring material.)

See more here.


The handle broke off our toilet yesterday. While both T. and I are perfectly capable of fixing this ourselves, he’s decided that we should stop fixing things that are the landlord’s/handyman’s responsibility to fix. I agree.

I’m currently taking bets on how long we’ll be living with this “temporary” solution. Also, I can’t wait to see which visitors do and which visitors don’t comment on the oddity of having a pull string toilet.


Ok, project reveal time . . .

Let me preface this by saying it was not an original idea – I saw a photo of a similar light set up in a bathroom (has anyone else seen this? can you tell me where it was from?) and fell in love. I’ve been unhappy with my bathroom light for a while, and looking for a solution that didn’t require re-wiring (it is a rental, after all.) So . . . here’s what we did:

rope light!

rope light!

Rope light. It’s hard to take pictures of it at night (as above) so here’s one taken before it was dark:

rope light

It gives off the most amazingly magical light at night; it is, afterall, a room now entirely lit by what are essentially christmas lights. Showering before bed has become a totally different experience.

This is probably the single most fun thing we’ve done in the house, and at the moment probably my all time favorite project. For the last few days, every time I walk into the bathroom at night I just become instantly happy. It also solved my problem of not being able to figure out what to hang on that wall – art and light at the same time. Now I just need to figure out a good way to cover the light socket at the top.

powder room

I recently redecorated the front-hall powder room at my parents’ house for them and thought I would share it will you all. Unfortunately, we forgot to take “before” pictures, but to sum it up it was painted tan and had lots of Japanese knicknacks and dark wood in it (my parents lived in Japan for seven years.) And was generally slightly cluttered and dark feeling. Here it is now:





The powder room is off of a bright yellow hallway that is off of the foyer. The ante room is painted a bright but soft violet purple and the powder room itself is a paler purple. There are silver accents throughout and then some dark brown that picks up the dark wood floors.

There are more photos along with commentary from me on my flickr if you want to check them out.

bathroom paint = done!

bathroom enter

I finally finished painting the bathroom, for the third and LAST time. I decided that even if I hated the color it was staying, because there was not way that this bathroom was getting painted a fourth time (remember, we rent.) Luckily, I love it. It’s very clean and fresh feeling, which is what we were going for. The blue filtering through the white shower curtain is great and makes showering in a very relaxing experience. We went with two colors – a lighter blue above the chair rail (Benjamin Moore Ocean Breeze 2058-60 in Aura) and a darker one below (Pratt & Lambert Capri Grotto 25-7 in semi-gloss.) Our other option was two colors of turquoise, but T. liked this combo better and since I’ve made the vast majority of decorating decisions around here, I let him have this one. I’m not sure if the yellow towels are going to stay or be replaced (they’re really old and handed down from my mom, so it wouldn’t be completely frivolous to replace them.) but for now I actually kind of like the yellow with the blue. Art is the next step.

ps. the floor isn’t dirty – just really old and greyed. Any suggestions (scrubbing with bleach doesn’t help) to make it white again would be welcome.

Note: you may notice the color looks different in the top photo than it does in the bottom photo. The real color is somewhere in between these two.