beach house – before and after

So what I was really digging through my back up drive for were the before photos of the beach. Unfortunately it looks like some of the files have been corrupted in the last 2.5 years, but I found a fair amount of them. Since we’re doing some more work down there in the next few weeks (projects that I am so excited about) I thought I’d remind myself of what it looked like before. I don’t think I ever shared any of these, but here’s the downstairs bedroom:


and after

Now that things are mainly done, and I have the before pictures again, I’m going to try to match some more shots to get some more before/afters (including, I think, re-shooting this after, which I’m not super happy with.)


yesterday was spent at the beach house watching professionals install new glass in our windows and hanging vintage floats from the eaves of the shed and the studio in the back yard with my dad. in the rain.

and of course, by that I mean that I was handing him tools and deciding on placement in between running back under the porch to stay dry. Despite being a little hesitant about this project, I’m super happy with how they turned out – way to go with the design idea Dad. This one is my favorite:

ps. want to rent the beach house? check out our website here or our VRBO listing here. if you tell me you found it via this blog I’ll give you a 10% discount!

who needs a vacation?

So you know the beach house project I worked on all last spring? We’ve finally finished all the redecorating, relandscaping, and general updating, and have started renting it out. Check out our brand-spanking-new website for photos, rates, and plenty of other fun good things.


Also, I’m offering a 10% discount to any readers who book by April 1, 2009 – just mention that you saw this on A Browner Brown when you call or e-mail to make your reservation. We’re already starting to get reservations through September, so start thinking about that summer getaway now!

beach house update IV

Yeah, I know, I’ve been really laming out on the posting here lately. The good news is I’ve been busy working, figuring out what to do with my life next, reconnecting with my friends, eating better, and getting back into an exercise routine. This weekend I got to get away to the beach house, which is very quickly approaching completion. Here are some photos of the work we’ve been doing – sometime soon (i.e. in the next month or so) there should be a complete set.


this bag of fabric is going to (hopefully) become throw pillows for the beach house this weekend (and no, it’s not from Target, just in a Target bag, also, probably not all of it will actually be throw pillows, but I like to cover my bases and over buy. Also, I like to shop for fabric.)

This week I have made trips to: IKEA, Michael’s, the fabric store, and not one but FOUR trips to the hardware store (two each to Home Depot and Ace,) in preparation for our last big weekend-o-work down at the beach before the 4th of July. Now here’s to hoping that I don’t realize the second I walk in the door that I forgot something vital back at home. On that note, I’m putting my sewing machine in the car right now.