yesterday was spent at the beach house watching professionals install new glass in our windows and hanging vintage floats from the eaves of the shed and the studio in the back yard with my dad. in the rain.

and of course, by that I mean that I was handing him tools and deciding on placement in between running back under the porch to stay dry. Despite being a little hesitant about this project, I’m super happy with how they turned out – way to go with the design idea Dad. This one is my favorite:

ps. want to rent the beach house? check out our website here or our VRBO listing here. if you tell me you found it via this blog I’ll give you a 10% discount!


blue shoes

I bought these at Target a few weeks ago as backups for some super-hot-but-super-tall heels I was wearing as part of a bridesmaid getup (photos of that wedding soon)


They ended up immediately making the jump into my regular shoe rotation – really cute (the color is great,) super comfortable and cheap! $16.99 online, but I swear they were a few bucks cheaper in the store.

purple and gold

Anh-Minh posted pictures of Emily Walker’s bungalow yesterday and I haven’t been able to get this color scheme out of my head. It was litterally the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning (yeah, I’m weird.)

hh 6

The walls in my bedroom are painted a really similar yellow, and right now the accents are orange/red/pink, but would be pretty easy and cheap to switch out for purple. Just a thought . . .

I also love how she carries one color scheme through the entire house. I’m too capricious to do this, but there’s something really appealing about the idea to me.