love this Alexander Girard/House Industries nativity set

totally out of my price range, but great nonetheless. Available for $420 through Heath.


shower curtains

One of my next projects in our house is to give the bathroom a mini-facelift – a new storage solution, possibly a new paint job (again!,) and replace our shower curtain with a non-PVC one. Right now we’re leaning towards this:

um, yeah, as seen on HGTV apparently. I like the simple white-on-white pattern, and while I really want this:

it’s a little too girly for T, which I get (I guess.) Anyways, while researching options for our house, I put together a list of Best Non Vinyl Shower Curtains over at AT:SF. So if you’re in the market for a non-toxic shower curtain, go check it out. (oh, and our old shower curtain, which has gotten super scummy in the last two years anyways, will be turned into a drop cloth. Waste not, want not.)


the bar cart got a new look today (see previous incarnations here and here):

also, check out that stack of fabric – that’s only part of the stash I picked up from Purl Patchwork when I was in New York. (Yes, I flew in with an empty suitcase.) And no, it’s not all for me, in a few weeks I should be able to share the project most of it’s going towards.