dining room progess


This isn’t the best picture, but I had to get that one of me off the top of the page. The painting is almost done in here, and my to do list is currently looking like this:

  • buy this bookshelf (in white) for office supply storage
  • move and set up the bar cart
  • figure out the chair situation
  • paint the back of the niche and figure out art placement
  • get a plant stand for the right side of the room
  • put the shelf back up over the radiator (out of the frame)

You can see the before here.


Here is our front hall closet half way through being cleaned out. Um, yeah. It had been a while.


Also, before it decided to rain today, I’ve been working on my dining room set rehab project, part of AT/Blueprint’s January Jumpstart:


Updates soon on both of these projects, as well as the many other things we’ve been doing recently. New window film in the kitchen, a cleaned out furnace/water heater closet off the kitchen, and some other big and small projects. Lots going on around here.

the power of paper

Some of you may remember my longish-but-ultimately-successful bar cart hunt this past winter, followed by the bar’s makeover with wrapping paper. I’ve been tired of the very early-springish pussy willow paper that’s been in there for a while, and yesterday finally replaced it with this preppy blue striped piece.


Because the paper simply lays under a sheet of glass I had cut to fit the top of the bar cart, this project took about five minutes total, but totally freshens up that corner of the living room. I’m especially happy with the way it brings out the blues in the antique egg prints hung on the wall.

bar 2

bar 3


The baby shower I’m throwing for my childhood best friend is starting in two hours, and I am amazingly almost done with all preparations. This never happens – I’m usually throwing stuff in closets while going to answer the door. Here’s a peek of the decorations I’ve been working on this week, I’ll post more photos on my flickr tonight.



Last night while in the midst of cleaning the house I suddenly got an urge climb up on the kitchen counter and do this:

approach love

This is how projects usually get done in our house – a spur of the moment breaking out of the paint cans. In the next week T. and I will be painting our currently silver hallway, the last room that has to be painted in the house (well, the last room he’s going to let me paint, even though I keep showing him colors that would look great in his office.) As requested, I’ll be posting a painting tutorial when we do it – I’ve gotten to be a pretty mean painter who now eschews both tape and dropcloths. Crazy you say? Wait till I show you how.