The baby shower I’m throwing for my childhood best friend is starting in two hours, and I am amazingly almost done with all preparations. This never happens – I’m usually throwing stuff in closets while going to answer the door. Here’s a peek of the decorations I’ve been working on this week, I’ll post more photos on my flickr tonight.


Happy 4th!

The Fourth of July is and always has been my favorite holiday. Because I just don’t see how it can get any better than a no pressure day of barbecuing with friends, good weather, and berry-adorned cake followed by fireworks.



Later this morning T. and I will be heading into the city to check out Lure at 3 Fish Studios and to hang out with Annie and Eric and be arty/crafty (I’ll be bringing some embroidery to work on, I think T. is just planning on sketching.)

More information is here, but Lure is a new monthly gathering for people to come together and create. Bring your own project and supplies and hang out while connecting with other creative Bay Areanians. (is this a term? Because I’m making it one if it’s not.) 11am-2pm, second Sunday of the month (which for the month of June is today, the 10th.)

3 Fish Studios is located at 2415 3rd St (at 22nd) Suite #243, San Francisco. Per Annie’s instructions “Just go to the corner of 3rd and 22nd, and call the studio at 415-865-0420. One of us will come to let you in.”

Lure is a new gathering, so come now and get in on the ground floor before the scene totally blows up. I’m already sure that it’s destined to become a hot spot. You can also eat fruit and chat with me, which I know is everyone’s secret dream Sunday activity.


3 Fish Studio (photo courtesy

I’m off!

I’m off to the beach for the holiday weekend. I hope that everyone out there has a fun and safe break from work, I’ll be back next week with photos to share as well as a return to a regular posting schedule. There’s also something new and exciting in development over here at A Browner Brown, so stay tuned to see what it is.

But before I leave, some art. Hope that your weekend is just a little bit like this:

underwater circus

Underwater Circus by Jaime Zollars

or this:


Octopus Beach Party by Heather Toupin

Because I agree, what is more exciting than a giant orange octopus crashing your beach party?

Interview + updates

Some updates:

wool fauna

Wool Fauna, screenprinting and hand painting, acid dye, wool flannel, 5’x8′

  • Miranda July is just as cute in person as you think she would be, however, the reading was packed to the gills with hipsters, there to pay homage to their queen (the crowd was standing-room only flowing out onto the sidewalk.) I slipped out after the second story fearing I might pass out from the heat inside, but everything I heard was good. I hear from friends that her reading in LA the night before was similarly crowded but good. I totally recommend you go if she’s coming to a town near you, check out her tour schedule. Wear shorts and a tank top though, even if you’re in Seattle. I can’t wait to get my hands on and then read the book.
  • I realized I’m behind on posts, life has been crazy, but I promise Sketch Tuesday coverage will go up this evening!