More photos! Because one is ripe! also, because I’m spending way too much time watching them grow. But I’m not alone – I had a garage sale last weekend, and a ton of people from the neighborhood, mainly middle aged women, told me that they love walking by and watching their progress, and complimented me on how good of a job I’m doing with them.

I take pretty much no credit though, because I have almost no idea what I’m doing, and mainly feel that I’m just lucky to live in a good climate. I do, however, fertilize them with coffee all the time (I read somewhere this was good?,) and fertilize with kelp/fish emulsion sometimes. This maybe seems to be helping? Also, very, very regular watering. Now you know all of my gardening secrets.

purple and gold

Anh-Minh posted pictures of Emily Walker’s bungalow yesterday and I haven’t been able to get this color scheme out of my head. It was litterally the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning (yeah, I’m weird.)

hh 6

The walls in my bedroom are painted a really similar yellow, and right now the accents are orange/red/pink, but would be pretty easy and cheap to switch out for purple. Just a thought . . .

I also love how she carries one color scheme through the entire house. I’m too capricious to do this, but there’s something really appealing about the idea to me.

shoe love

My current favorite pair of shoes:

They’re canvas, pointy, and a really great just barely-purple gray color. Also really comfortable, and cheap (less than $30.) I should probably order another pair now, because I’m definitely going to wear these out in the next six months. {please tell me I’m not the only one who buys clothes and shoes I love in multiple.}

Available here.

etsy favorite: LittleRobot

I am so obsessed with Scottish artist Lindsey Carr’s work that it’s a minor miracle I don’t own a piece of it (it’s only because I’m saving money for one of her amazing originals.) I check her etsy store, LittleRobot, way too frequently, and get so excited when she’s put a new piece up. Luckily her blog helps my addiction out a little bit. So, so strange but so amazingly beautiful.

inventor 1


[both above from] Music – An Inventors Odyssey

an owl situation

An Owl Situation