I picked up the stainless steel set at an estate sale last fall, so when I spotted the yellow set at the Alameda Flea Market a few weeks ago I had to have them too. Luckily, they only set me back $15. Score.

keep those hands unburned

I love fun oven mits, but they can get really pricey (hello Anthropologie.) These ones from Urban aren’t the cheapest but at $12 each aren’t too bad (and practically everything they sell there goes on sale at some point.) Fun oven mits are also one of my go to housewarming presents – people love having them but don’t often buy them for themselves.

oven mit

kitchen organization

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, school and a family reunion last weekend have kept me pretty busy. However, T. and I have been doing lots of little things around the house lately, most notably in the kitchen (as always, click on the pictures to see them larger.)


first off, repainted peg boards. Yes, they were blue before, but now they’re (slightly) different colors of blue – both different from each other and different from before.

pot lid rack

new pot lid rack (spray painted red) and utensil caddy moved to the pegboard from its old home in the middle of the stove

knife bar

magnetic knife bar

All small things, but all things that let the kitchen function much better than it did before. Function often gets sadly overlooked in design, but who cares how beautiful a room is if it doesn’t work well?

little pretty things

yesterday I stopped by Anthropologie to cash in some store credit I had, and picked up these great stacking mugs and a new colorful oven mitt.


We have a shortage of cabin space in our kitchen, and mugs have always taken up more than their fair share of it, so I’m thrilled to now have four mugs that only have the footprint of one. And the oven mitt? Sometimes you just need something functional to also be pretty. It also meant I could get rid of the very old seen-better-days IKEA one we’ve had for years.

fish-eye kitchen

T. recently picked up a fish-eye lense for a project he’s working on, and while I initially scoffed at it I’m a little obsessed with using it now. It really came in handy when I wanted to take pictures of our kitchen re-arrange that happened last night.




Not a big project, but one that made lots of impact on the flow and feel of the room – we moved the butcher block cart from in front of the blackboard-painted door (next to the fridge) to it’s new home in front of the door into the dining room. Yes, this means we can no longer use that door, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. We really only eat in the dining room when we have guests over, and it’s not that big of a trek to go through the foyer into the living room (and then into the dining room if we wish.) Also, the cart is on wheels, so easy to move if needed. But it has opened up the main entrance of the room so much, and allowed us easier access to the closet behind the blackboard door, which means we have a lot more usable storage.

As you can tell, I’m a fan of the new set up, but T.’s still on the fence, mainly because he doesn’t love the fact that we now have a blocked off door. So I ask all of you lovely readers – is it weird to not have a direct connection between dining room and kitchen but instead to carry food through the foyer and living room to get it into the dining room?