perfume*, in my new (albeit temporary) bathroom

So many new things going on right now. The most exciting of which is: I am getting a new website! that will have a new blog on it! and I will actually update this new blog with some semblance (well, hopefully more than some) of regularity!

It should be up in the next month – I will post about it here once it’s live. And then that will most likely be the last post on this blog, because, who are we kidding. Is anyone actually reading this anymore? I pretty much let this site die a long, slow death. I sometimes feel a little bad about it, but, hey. It is what it is. (And for those of you who are wondering – and I know that there are hundreds of you waiting on the edge of your seat – at this point in time I have no plans to take this site down.)

Also – I have a bunch of projects that I am so excited to share, but am saving for the new site. Including my new (temporary) bedroom, which is getting very very close to being done. Which is good, as I’ll be there for less than a year, if all goes to plan. But it has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done, and I’m exceedingly happy with how it’s turning out.

And, in the no-one-cares-but-me category of news: I got an iPhone ! after waiting for two years for the iPhone to come out on Verizon it finally happened, and lucky me, my upgrade date happened just a few days later. I am in love, with a phone. sigh.

2011: I think I’m gonna love you.


*the “embrace messy hair” print is from here, found via Joanna


After 4 1/2 years in my current place I’m moving, and not because I want to. It’s a long story that I can’t really share here right now because there’s a lawsuit involved. The good news is I have a new space to decorate, as I’m temporarily moving to my parents house and into the room that has been my sister’s for the last eight years (and was mine for four years before that, the only other time I’ve lived in that house.) Moving home feels weird in many ways – I haven’t lived there since I was 18, and I just turned 27. However, it makes sense on many levels right now, not the least of which is the fact that I’m in the middle of an incredibly stressful lawsuit. Also, it’s only a mile away from my current place, which means I’m barely switching neighborhoods.

Today my dad came over and helped me take my chandeliers down (4 total) and put back up the cheapo light fixtures that were here when I moved in – the ones with square glass covers, aka the “renter’s craptastic” model from Home Depot. Sigh.


I was just searching my backup drive for some old photos to post (which will come next) when I ran across this photo, which, while certainly not one of the best I’ve ever taken is definitely my favorite surreptitiously taken photo ever. This was at an art opening in New York a few years ago that I went to with my friend Jon, and the shoes in the photo were being worn by Diane Keaton. Who is very, very tiny in real life, but also obviously so down to wear super crazy tall shoes to make up for it (I swear they looked taller in real life. Also, general kuddos to any woman who is still rocking patent platform stilettos in her 60s.)


I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but for some reason this year I changed my mind. I’m really excited about 2010, I just have generally good feelings about this year. So here we go:

1) start posting in this space regularly again, at least once a week

2) start making art, of some type, again, something I haven’t done consistently since leaving art school 6 years ago

3) in an effort to master the art of baking bread (or at least get good enough to make several types of bread well,) bake 100 loaves of bread this year. the photo above is loaf #1.

4) actually finish decorating the house. I mean, it’s been 3.5 years. Also, actually get the basement organized so that I can a) move some of the stuff out of the house that I don’t use very often but want to keep and have easy access to and b) utilize the giant work tables I have down there. Which will help with #2.

4b) once my bedroom is finished being decorated/organized, keep it *clean.* or at least *clean-ish* Also – spend more time in there.

5) finally finish losing the weight I gained in college. I lost 2/3 of it in 2007 & 2008, and then pretty much stalled out in 2009 (but didn’t gain anymore!) Time to finish the job. Do this despite have fresh bread in the house twice a week from #3

6) practice regular random acts of kindness towards both other people and myself


Last night while walking to my car my shoe caught on a part of uneven sidewalk and I did my first ever full and complete faceplant.. Fun.:


(my bottom lip is usually bigger than my top one, not the other way around.) The swelling you see here is actually much dramatically better than it was this morning, but I’m thanking my lucky stars that for the first time in a long time I have no plans this weekend because come on, no one likes to see a girl with a fat lip.


I’ve spent the last few days laid up with some sort of stomach bug. Ugh.


whenever I’m sick, I tend to subsist on Campbell’s Chicken and Stars soup. It’s the perfect sick food: bland, fluid replenishing, you don’t have to chew, and it satisfies my inner five year old.