cake topper

I was back east a few weeks ago for the wedding of one of my best friends from my art school days. It’s becoming a tradition for me to make the cake topper when my friends get married – I was particularly pleased with this one:


The blue garland behind them references the paper garlands the bride made to hang in the reception space. There are more [better] photos somewhere of the topper that I’ll find and put on flickr. Oh, and more photos from the wedding to come. (ps. the bride and groom are vintage – I like to think of the toppers I make as assemblages of sorts.)

Happy Birthday Baby

This is late, but last Sunday was the birthday of my godson Phoenix (OK, there was never actually a baptism, so I’m not officially his godmother, but since if there had been a baptism I would have been the godmother I decided to claim the title anyways.) This little boy is the love of my life, and watching him be born last year was and still is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced.

August 17, 2008

August 17, 2007

Both of us have aged pretty well over the last year, although he still has me beat in the looks department

Of course, his favorite part of the birthday party was not the cupcakes or the amazing balloons that his mom and I supplied (although he was rather fond of the later,) but getting away from all the hubbub and playing in the dirt.

A dirty baby is definitely a happy baby in his case, despite the fact that in the last few months he’s stopped smiling for my camera – I’m just waiting for the day when he can actually tell me to stop it already with the pictures.


This weekend I went up to Sacramento to celebrate my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Being married for 60 years is pretty amazing, especially in today’s world. They’re an inspiration to all of us.

A shot of the angel food cake that T. (who had to work and couldn’t come) and I made the night before (from scratch – it’s not nearly as hard as you’ve been lead to believe.)

Congratulations Nana and Biggie! I love you both!

Tracy Thomason

my college roommate Tracy recently graduated from Cranbrook with her MFA and just sent out some images of her work. She doesn’t have a website yet (get on that Trace) so I can’t link to her but this one is my favorite:

I hear from friends who went and saw her thesis show that her new work is even more amazing in person. Tracy’s moving to New York soon to try and make it in the big leagues. I’m pretty excited for her.

new baby

on Wednesday and Thursday I had what really was the most amazing experience of my life so far, being present at the birth of this little boy:


His mom, who has been my best friend since we were six years old, was amazing through the 37 hours of labor it took to get this little guy out. It was not an easy process (is it ever?) but both mom and baby did and are doing great. I don’t know if it comes through in photos, but he looks exactly like his mom.


dad and baby

me and baby

(that’s me holding the baby and looking tired at the bottom)

Oh! and the stats: Phoenix Emmanuel, 8lbs 10oz, 21.25 inches long


Today was my and T.’s four year anniversary. It is truly unbelievable to me that it has been that long since our first date.


These pictures were taken after we’d been dating for about eight months – my friend Ben took them on his Holga during an ice skating escapade in Baltimore. I look so young and he has such funny facial hair – things we’ve both grown out of.

We had a really great day, in our own simple & quiet kind of way. Hung out around the house in pajamas in the morning, ate some bacon on the couch, ran some errands, trimmed the ugly bush in our front yard, hung up some pictures, saw some friends, ate a great dinner at home, cooked by T. (like 90% of our dinners are), and walked down to the movie theater to see Knocked Up, which was really great.

We figured that a pretty perfect way to celebrate us was by just being together and just being us.