Lowe House Vintage Pop Up Sale

I am very happy to announce the upcoming pop up sale I’m having with my friend John (and in conjunction with my friends Annie and Eric over at 3 Fish Studios.) We’ll have a ton of stuff for sale, and everything is priced to move (almost everything is under $20 and a lot of it is under $10.) Come by to say hi!

ps. everything in the photo will be at the sale!

Paint Job

I’m still alive, really. Just in the middle of about a million projects all the time. But I’m working on getting my schedule more organized which will *hopefully* include carving out time to come back to this space more. For now, some hastily taken before and after shots of what will be the new bedside tables in my in-progress totally overhauled bedroom



I got a great deal on these (this is one of a set of two) at my local second-hand furniture shop last weekend – I loved the shape, but the paint job was a little too, um, whimsical for me. Spray paint to the rescue. All the drawers got a new coat of gloss white (I’m partial to Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch – it has the easiest ever to use nozzle and dries quickly and evenly) and the hardware got several coats of gloss black enamel. I love how they turned out, and I’ll now have an excess of storage in the bedroom, which is pretty much a dream come true.

Pictures of the entire room hopefully coming in the next few weeks – I need to get a handyman/plumber over to remove the non-working but very large radiator before I can finalize furniture placement.

cake topper

I was back east a few weeks ago for the wedding of one of my best friends from my art school days. It’s becoming a tradition for me to make the cake topper when my friends get married – I was particularly pleased with this one:


The blue garland behind them references the paper garlands the bride made to hang in the reception space. There are more [better] photos somewhere of the topper that I’ll find and put on flickr. Oh, and more photos from the wedding to come. (ps. the bride and groom are vintage – I like to think of the toppers I make as assemblages of sorts.)

screen printing goodness

Last night I “taught” a screen printing session at my bff Claire’s LDS Singles Ward’s FHE night*. It was a blast.

I was a little bit worried, since Claire passed me off as a “guest expert” and the truth was it had been a few years since the last time I screen printed this way, but hey I went to art school and this is what we would do for fun/when procrastinating on our homework – let’s just say I’ve made my fair share of t-shirts. It turns out screen printing is like riding a bike – once I got started it all came rushing back (and we did a test run or two in the afternoon.)

amazing softball team shirts were made

This is a great party/family reunion/group activity idea. Claire and I made three screens ahead of time and then a fourth there to demonstrate the process for people who wanted to go home and make their own. We used the drawing fluid/screen filler method, which requires no equipment beyond a kitchen sink and a silkscreen (either store bought or homemade.) Then we set everyone loose with the finished screens, squeegees, and six colors of ink. Claire had told everyone ahead of time to bring their own t-shirts or other materials to print on.

Claire’s little brother Will, who I roped into being my assistant all night and really rocked at the t-shirt making

the two shirts I made

Thanks Claire for organizing this, and thanks Berkeley Singles Ward for having me!

*for those of you unfamiliar with Mormon culture think church group activity night. And no, if you’re wondering, I myself am not Mormon.


this bag of fabric is going to (hopefully) become throw pillows for the beach house this weekend (and no, it’s not from Target, just in a Target bag, also, probably not all of it will actually be throw pillows, but I like to cover my bases and over buy. Also, I like to shop for fabric.)

This week I have made trips to: IKEA, Michael’s, the fabric store, and not one but FOUR trips to the hardware store (two each to Home Depot and Ace,) in preparation for our last big weekend-o-work down at the beach before the 4th of July. Now here’s to hoping that I don’t realize the second I walk in the door that I forgot something vital back at home. On that note, I’m putting my sewing machine in the car right now.