Lowe House Vintage Pop Up Sale

I am very happy to announce the upcoming pop up sale I’m having with my friend John (and in conjunction with my friends Annie and Eric over at 3 Fish Studios.) We’ll have a ton of stuff for sale, and everything is priced to move (almost everything is under $20 and a lot of it is under $10.) Come by to say hi!

ps. everything in the photo will be at the sale!

bedroom peek 2

My bedroom is finally approaching being done (I switched directions kind of drastically half way through, which didn’t help) This is the small(ish) dresser that I’m using as a bedside table – I picked it up on Craigslist for $25, partially because it looked like this:

Some hardcore cleaning, re-staining, and waxing/polishing later (no sanding, I wanted it to still look kind of old and beat up, and liked the almost-but-not-quite perfect paint stripping job that someone had done in the past) and, voila! Also, behold the awesomeness that lemon juice, salt, and 000 steel wool works on brass:

(above: before, below: after)

I heart yellow

What was up with the Alameda Flea Market (also known, affectionately, as the crap fair) today? hardly anyone, either vendors or shoppers was there. It was very very odd – I suspect some sort of combination of the Super Bowl and the predicted rain that failed to happen. Anyways, I did manage to pick up this great set:

pot and bowl

matching vintage enameled pot and serving bowl

so it wasn’t a total loss.

new desk set up

Yesterday I finally got my dining room “office” set up.


I don’t like having a desk in my bedroom, and our second bedroom is taken over by T.’s crazy office set up/doubles as a guest room when needed, and I wanted somewhere I could not only do “desk” things but also sew, so I decided to set up in the dining room, the least used room in our house (when you don’t have one for three years you get pretty used to eating on the couch.)

leaf out

It’s little and in the corner, which still allows us to have a table and six chairs. My favorite thing about this awesome 1939 enamel topped table (Craigslist find) is that it has two leaves (one is shown pulled out above, there is an identical one on the other side,) which means I can extend it when I want more space to sew, or we want to use it for extra seating for dinner parties. I’ll probably strip and repaint the wooden base at some point, but for now it’s fine.


The chair is another Craigslist find, also vintage and very comfortable. I really love the color of the fabric (which is in perfect condition) it’s upholstered in.

desk close up

On the desk (right to left) – my Marfa Book Co. mug/pen holder, Jen Corace’s Seafoam Paper Boats, Matte Stevens’ birdie gocco print, a vintage botanical print, Marek Colek’s Czert and Katja (which was slightly burned when it fell on a lit candle but I just can’t bear to get rid of) and a vintage type drawer. Framed above the plant (see top photo) is Ryan McLellan’s trophy. (I obviously heart Tinyshowcase.)