More photos! Because one is ripe! also, because I’m spending way too much time watching them grow. But I’m not alone – I had a garage sale last weekend, and a ton of people from the neighborhood, mainly middle aged women, told me that they love walking by and watching their progress, and complimented me on how good of a job I’m doing with them.

I take pretty much no credit though, because I have almost no idea what I’m doing, and mainly feel that I’m just lucky to live in a good climate. I do, however, fertilize them with coffee all the time (I read somewhere this was good?,) and fertilize with kelp/fish emulsion sometimes. This maybe seems to be helping? Also, very, very regular watering. Now you know all of my gardening secrets.


yesterday was spent at the beach house watching professionals install new glass in our windows and hanging vintage floats from the eaves of the shed and the studio in the back yard with my dad. in the rain.

and of course, by that I mean that I was handing him tools and deciding on placement in between running back under the porch to stay dry. Despite being a little hesitant about this project, I’m super happy with how they turned out – way to go with the design idea Dad. This one is my favorite:

ps. want to rent the beach house? check out our website here or our VRBO listing here. if you tell me you found it via this blog I’ll give you a 10% discount!